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Day 17: Practice makes perfect

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Trying to find a good place to practice aggressive rollerblading in Honolulu is hard for a couple of reasons.

First, is our city infrastructure is so bad. The sidewalks are barely maintained and so ill-conceived that it’s nearly possible to find a good spot to skate, let alone walk. The cracks, uneven paths and sometimes lack of a side walk altogether make it impossible to find a good place to explore, let alone skate.

I cold check out a skate park, but I’ve been warned to avoid it if I can. In theory, skate parks are built to be used by all; but skateboarders have the monopoly on them, so I’m told. There seems to be a rift between rollerbladers and … everyone else really. Whenever I bring up this month’s challenge in conversation, people tend to laugh and ask “why would I do such as thing?” I always counter with, “what’s a good reason not to?” No one has come up with a good reason yet.

The real question is: should I go to a local skate park and see what happens when I try to blade amongst the skaters and BMX bikers?

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  1. winlee

    Yes, definitely go get made fun of at the skate park. I love it!