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Day 26: Getting it … kind of

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There are two thoughts that come to mind when I see pictures of myself: The first is, I need to lose some damn weight. Second, it’s nice to see what I look like when I’m trying to skate.

What I’ve found out is that I don’t lack the physical ability to do the tricks, just the confidence to commit to them. As I make my way down the pavement and crouch down to make the jump to plant my skates on a ledge, I always flinch and instead place my skates, like a dainty princess, and glide along the edge.

Believe me, its look dumber than it sounds.

I’m still making headway. Though I haven’t been out to practice as much, every time I do I feel a little more accomplished. But, I still have a long way to go.

Later days,


2 Responses

  1. winlee

    dude, i want to see some falling!

  2. Matt, you are amazingly athletic. You haven’t used it much, that’s all! Keep going…