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Roller blading round-up!

Another month has come and gone and I’ve tried something new. Here’s the good and the bad I’ve come up with for this challenge:


  • Something physical: I got out there and did something way outside my comfort zone. I’m by no means anywhere close to being any good at aggressive rollerblading, but I’m one step closer to being a little more extreme.
  • Didn’t have to shell out for new equipment: I was lucky enough to have a friend who not only had some extra gear to spare, but the time to teach me what to doing. It’s fun to try new things, but’s better to have a guide to show you the shortcuts.
  • Went against the grain: As a guy approaching his thirties – faster than I care to admit – picking up an extreme sport is probably the last thing I should be doing Not to mention how demonized the sport I chose happens to be. I was never really made fun of, at least by strangers, but you can tell skateboards are the thing these days.


  • Didn’t go as often as I’d like: It’s hard to find the motivation when it’s crazy hot outside during the day, or when you only have so many people that want to blade with you. Not to mention I was paranoid about getting in trouble with the cops or some vagabond skateboarders. Either way, I could have had more dedication.
  • My feet suck: I’m blaming some of my lack of motivation on my feet. Not only did I have a short bout with athletes foot, but I’m pretty sure I dislocated my pinky toe while playing soccer at a picnic. A really huge guy stepped on my foot when I was going for the ball. It turned black and blue for a few days. Made the walk to and from work less fun. Don’t worry, I’m fine now.
  • Wanted to explore the community a little more: I didn’t get to meet anyone else in the rollerblading community. That’s really my own fault. I didn’t get out there enough to meet more than a few people who knew about the sport to get a clear picture of what it’s all about beyond what I was doing.

Any thoughts?

Later days,

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  1. I like the way you critique your efforts. It seems objective to me. What’s next>??!!!