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Day 13: Transcribing is a b@*$!#

I started researching and gathering information for this book more than 3 years ago. In fact, that’s when I first heard my fathers tale as we drove around London on our way to visit his best friend, Frank, who led the expedition to India.

The story came up when I asked my dad how he met Frank and how close they had been when they were both younger. He then went on a diatribe about this trip from his youth: traveling from England to India in a Bedford van. To me, the story sounded like a movie script. The adventure, discoveries, and so on made for a compelling tale.

I was enthralled. I remember thinking that this would be a great novel, and since my dad isn’t one to brag about his amazing life, I took up the challenge to get all the information down and write something.

When we both got home from England, me to Honolulu him to Denver, we had a few “formal” Skype interviews. I got even more details and perspective of the 60s and 70s through my fathers eyes. I don’t know many people who traveled by van through Afghanistan for fun. Not sure if that will ever happen again.

So that’s what I’m doing this, and last, week: transcribing those interviews. I have about three hours of audio. It take me one hour to transcribe per 15 minutes from the interview, which feels like a long time. However, it’s fun to hear the story again. I learn a new detail each time I hear it, and it helps get my head into planning the story. I’ll also start putting an outline together, but I think I need to get all the details down on paper first.

Later days,

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  1. Ryan

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear more.